Monday, February 16, 2009

Troubling Times

I work in a grocery store as the produce manager, as you might know. I just read an interesting little article at Alan Nation's blog in which Mr. Nation talks about the 30% decline in restaurant sales. This, of course, is in direct correlation with the tailspin of the economy. I will not waste your time with my thoughts on the economy, however, since I do work in a grocery store, I have noticed an increase in our business. I can really tell a difference on typical days that are usually slower. This makes me curious in regard to the slow-down in restaurant sales in relation to growing grocery store sales. What has this all got to do with farming and the homestead life, you ask? Everything, it could mean a boots in your sales at the farmer's market and off the farm sales, couldn't it? Use the link above and judge for yourself. I know that seed companies are experiencing a 30% increase in their sales, as well. Hmmm...?

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