Friday, March 20, 2009

The Benefits Of Raw Milk

I was going to post a short little deal on the benefits of raw milk. However, my research looks like it will be more in depth than that. So, I don't want to cheat you folks, and am going to read some more. Until then, here is a little known fact that I gleaned from a raw milk website that I found astonsihing. If nothing else, it will whet your appetite for more info.

"Few people are aware that clean, raw milk from grass-fed cows was actually used as a medicine in the early part of the last century. That's right. Milk straight from the udder, a sort of "stem cell" of foods, was used as medicine to treat, and frequently cure some serious chronic diseases. From the time of Hippocrates to until just after World War II, this "white blood" nourished and healed uncounted millions.
Clean raw milk from pastured cows is a complete and properly balanced food. You could live on it exclusively if you had to. Indeed, published accounts exist of people who have done just that. What's in it that makes it so great? Let's look at the ingredients to see what makes it such a powerful food."

Stay tuned.

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