Saturday, March 28, 2009

Important Vitamins In Raw Milk

There is a lot of talk, these days, about vitamins. It would seem that almost everyone takes a supplement of some sort. This is a very important aspect to our diets as much of the soil has been depleted, thus, leaving much to be desired in the way of vitamin intake. This is not to mention the lack of such vitamins in processed foods-another scary subject.

However, there are two kinds of vitamins out there, water and fat soluble, and they have important roles in our health. The great thing about whole, raw milk is that it contains them all. The best part is that they are completely ready for your body to use. These vitamins serve to regulate your metabolism, or help biochemical reactions to free up energy from the food you eat, they're all there.

So, in essence, nothing needs to be added to raw milk. No vitamins, no minerals, no enriching, period. This cannot be said of store-bought, commodity milk that has to replace the vitamin D and many minerals, artificially, to replace that which was lost in the hydrogenation process. In a word, raw milk from grass fed cows is a complete food. Don't miss out.


V said...

I appreciate the benefits of wholesome raw milk from grass fed cows who have been raised properly without hormones or antibiotics.

But how can someone new to the area find raw milk without having to get her own cow? Are there stores? Is there a secret code word? Should I put an ad in the paper?

I would really appreciate any guidance on this subject.

Scott or Pam said...

I appreciate your question and I have to admit that I chuckled a bit when you asked if there is a code word. Really, you can probably find some without too much trouble. Without knowing where you are, I would suggest going to and check the listings for a farm near you. Every state has different laws that farmers abide by, but that site will get you in the right direction. Or, there is (?). I think federal law prohibits the sale of raw milk in a store without specific criteria being met. However, many states allow the sale and purchase of raw milk off the farm. We offer it here and we can deliver it according to Missouri state law. PLease, let me know if I can be of more assistance. Thanks for your question and I hope this helps.