Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our Bodies Need The Fats Found In Raw Milk

Here is something very interesting. Especially with all the modern day talk about the evils of fat in our food. We are inundated with it, it is pounded into our brain that all fat is bad. Now some of the more health savvy among us will know, right away, that this is not the case. Not all fats are bad for us, in fact, our bodies need some fats to survive and function.

The kind of fats we need for our bodies is called saturated fats and they play a large role in our over all health. You guessed it, raw milk is about two thirds saturated fats. These fats, according to, these fats perform many things in our bodies "from construction of cell membranes and key hormones to providing energy storage and padding for delicate organs, to serving as a vehicle for important fat-soluble vitamins".

All fats cause our stomachs to create and secrete digestive enzymes that help break down the food and line the stomach wall. Not only that, this process lets us know when we have had enough, or, that you're full. The lack of fat in fat-free foods and low fat/non fat dairy foods, thus leaving a hole in this enzyme production, can actually contribute to over-eating. What?!?!? The lack of fat in our food causes us to eat more? Simply, yes.

Consider this quote from the above, linked website. "for thousands of years before the introduction of the hydrogenation process (pumping hydrogen gas through oils to make them solids) and the use of canola oil (from genetically modified rapeseed), corn, cottonseed, safflower and soy oils, dietary fats were largely saturated and often animal based. Healthy cultures all over the world thrived on the use of butter, lard, tallow's, poultry fats, fish oils, tropical oils such as coconut and palm, and cold pressed olive oil." If you do much reading, you'll come to know that this is true. So many other cultures in the world still eat this way and they don't suffer from the same maladies that we do, here in the States.

It is also known that prior to 1900, there were few people that died from heart disease.It was the advent of hydrogenated cottonseed oil (Crisco) in 1911 that began the shift from healthy animal fats to the monounsaturated fats and the downward spiral of heart related health issues.

Then there are the CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acids) that are found in raw milk. These things are potent and our bodies need them. They are a major aid in the fight against cancer. I have several other articles on the subject of CLA that you can read, so I will spare that here.

This is a lot of information, I know. Keep coming back for more. Yes, there is more. Until then, happy milk drinking!

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