Monday, March 9, 2009

Watching Grass Grow?

I was just musing over the old addage- " watching grass grow." And I got to thinking how ironic it really is. I have used that old saying a time or two in my life. I'd rather watch grass grow than watch a round of tennis! I'd say.

The phrase, or coloquialism, is almost always associated with boredom. I am so bored, right now, that watching grass grow would add excitement to my day.

It is funny, really, how some things just seem to come full circle. As I've said, I would use that term laced with heavy sarcasm. In fact, I would pour on the sarcasm like hot fudge topping on vanilla ice cream, thick. Now that my family and I have been homesteading, (of a sort), for ten years, I find each year come with new lessons. God has a way with that, doesn't He?

As I was sitting here, unwinding from my fulltime job, I was thinking how I would rather watch grass grow than to go to work again tomorrow. No, I'm serious. I get a kick out of watching the new spring growth explode into a deep green.

When I am at work, and the sun shinning outside, I long to be here to watch the grass grow. There is something in seeing a contented cow, lying on the grass in the warm sun, chewing her cud. There is a sense of peace, that all is right in the world. Watching a cow eat her ration of hay just isn't the same. She doesn't seem as peaceful. Not as natural. I know, feeding hay is very natural, indeed. I don't know if I can explain it.

With all the trouble in the world, to see a cow relaxing in the sun, I feel more relaxed. I can take a breath. God created a wonderful planet and ecosystem not just for us to tend, but to enjoy. All too often we look at the homestead as work, which it is-lot's of it, but we can see the fruit also.

I look at the grass getting taller and greener and I get excited. Spring is almost here, and the cattle can eat some wholesome green stuff again. We can get some fresh milk again-WOOHOO!

I like to watch the grass grow, and I vow to never lace it with sarcasm again. (Right.)

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