Friday, May 22, 2009

Are You Exciting, or Boring?

I know that you are expecting the article I promised on "How does your garden grow?", but that involves pictures, pictures I don't have because I was too lazy to go take them. So, since I was lazy, you will have to wait, until I get un-lazy. That could happen at any moment, I can feel it. I can feel the laziness oozing out from me as I write this, alas, I have to go to bed.

Until then, you can enjoy and ponder this "life truth", as reported by my favorite pastured poultry producer, Joel Salatin. Mr. Salatin attended a conference, somewhere, where he heard a speaker who is the Creative Manager for Lowe's Company. I will add some of these tidbits here, from time to time, as they really do apply to farming in a very significant way. The bad news is, if you want to read all ten of them, you will have to continue to frequent this humble blog regularly.

So, here is tidbit number one: When you're acceptable to everyone, you're exciting to no one.

Now, your assignment is, how does this apply to grassfarming and producing healthy food for your family and your local community (I'm all about keeping it local)?

I thought about this and came up with some really profound wisdom. Are you ready? Pay attention, this is good. Grass Farmers tend to think outside the box. They tend to go against the grain of all that is thought and practiced in the way of convention farm methods. They are "acceptable to everyone and exciting to no one".

However, those who make themselves students, and by default, stewards of unconventional and sometimes revolutionary methods, are acceptable to few and exciting to many.

The things that I have learned and continue to learn are far from what farmer friends would call sane. But, those who understand the value of a pastured chicken on their table and fresh eggs derived from grass and bugs, get excited when we converse.

What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment, or two, and give me some feed back. I desire to learn from all of you, as well. I look forward to some dialogue on these tid bits, so, thanks for stopping by.

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