Monday, May 18, 2009

MiG Really Is Intensive Management

I thought I'd share something that I have learned, recently. This may not be new to all of you pro grass farmers, but it is new to me. Although, when I think about it, it really shouldn't be new at all.

Here is what I mean; it is vitally important to divide you pastures into paddocks. I had thought that I could let a couple of bulls out of quarantine and let them have their pasture, full time. I was very mistaken. In a matter of a week, they had eaten it down to almost nothing. Fortunately, there has been plenty of rain, recently, and I feel that it is not too late to get them off and let it grow again. But, I have to do it now. I have a bad feeling that we are moving into a dry period. I pray that I am wrong.

On the other side of things, with the cows, the grass is doing fairly well. I have begun a rotation to "test" how well it recovers. There are some spots that I am skipping due to my lack of comfort in the grass growth.

Some of you may be thinking, "It's the middle of May, and he's still worried about grass?".

You must keep in mind that I am starting with land that had been feral for eons and building the soil, and, therefore, the grass, is going at a slow pace. I don't believe in chemical fertilizers and any fertilization has come from the land and animals themselves. With the exception of kelp meal and a small amount of other natural amendments from Fertrell.

I am pleased with what I have seen in regard to the kelp meal and I see it only getting better. Sometimes things seem like a struggle when you are growing grass. I guess that's why the call it "management intensive".

I will pray that we get an inch of rain per week. Hey, nothing is beyond the power and scope of God.

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Pinto Farm said...

I'm really going to have to keep up with your blog. We are just getting our grass farm started and our land has been untouched for at least 20 years. It's pretty feral too! Hubby hasn't got the paddocks going and it's driving me crazy. Especially as we're in drought conditions and our irrigation system is yet to be set up. Our cows are just roaming around. Frustrating!

Can't wait to see what else you're up to.

Scott or Pam said...

Thanks, I only hope I don't let you down. Please visit often, maybe include yourself as a follower, as well. I really feel like we are all in this together and knowledge needs to be shared. I am no expert in any way, but, someday I'd like to be. See you soon.