Friday, May 29, 2009

Indolence In America?

Indolence is defined as, literally, freedom from pain, according to the Noah Webster dictionary of 1828. It is also defined this way, in the same dictionary, as habitual idleness; indisposition to labor; laziness, etc...

Machiavelli understood that indolence is the greatest enemy of a republic.

In most of the world the state has gradually assumed all the responsibilities of adulthood, such as, health care, child care, care of the elderly-thus, effectively severing it's citizens from humanities created duties.

Now take a look at Europe. Europeans have legislated more free time for its people. They work less hours than Americans, they don't have to pay for their own health care, and they are post Christian so they no longer attend church. They don't get married, they have fewer kids so they don't have to cart them all over to different events. On the surface, they have it pretty good.

Now think on this, "Give people plenty and security and they will fall into spiritual torpor. When life becomes an extended picnic, with nothing of importance to do, ideas of greatness become an irritant. Such is the nature of the European syndrome." (Charles Murray, author of In Our Hands.)

Now ask yourself this, is this what is becoming of America? I can see the writing on the wall, can you?

We have come to the point that we do not like to suffer, we don't like pain. We have to bail everyone out so that we can keep on trucking. We do not want a repeat of the 1930's. We are comfortable, complacent and willing to let the nanny government take care of us. What happened to the hard working man that exploited his talents and became wealthy? What happened to the small farm and the people who worked the soil with blood, sweat and tears, who stood on their principles? What happened to the men that believed in the freedom to own that land and do with it as he pleased as the rightful owner? What happened to the notion of being responsible for oneself?

God didn't destroy Sodom for sodomy. He destroyed it for Pride, fullness of bread and an abundance of idleness. (Ez 16:48,49). When Lot's wife turned back and was turned to stone, it was not because she was gay but because she missed that cushy lifestyle she was leaving behind. She liked being free from pain. The pain of hunger, hard work, sleeping on the cold, hard ground, all things she would, undoubtedly, have to face in their flight. She was indolent.

America is on this speeding train and she needs to wake up before the train reaches full speed and jumping off would hurt much worse.

Is the answer really in the nanny choosing whom shall be fed and healed? I think not. Look at the rest of the world, and be honest with yourself, do they really have it better with nationalized everything? Europe is going broke because of upside down family trees, four grandparents with two children and one grandchild doesn't bring in enough revenue to float their economy. Yet, European government continues to fund their cradle to grave entitlements, all the while, the powers that be don't suffer one bit nor partake in these entitlements. Is this what we want for America? It is happening right under our noses because we are too comfy.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post. We do seem to be in a mega-hurry to become Europe.

adkins family farm said...

I agree 100 percent. I see people everyday depending on the government or someone else for their well being and to take care of their family. I wish it was like it used to be: you work, you eat. I am an avid believer in honest hard work. God put this earth here for man to work and live and not to set back and let someone take care of them. In your terms this country is getting way to indolent.