Monday, June 1, 2009

More Life Truths

Once again, Joel Salatin (my favorite grass farmer/chicken guy) has shared some wisdom he heard at a conference that he attended. This is more of it, quoted from Joel's article in the May issue of the stockman grass farmer.

Joel says that life truth number three (I skipped number 2) is this: Bigger IS better-in ideas. "Don't be afraid to have big ideas that revolutionize your farm. What if you quit filling silos? What if you quit milking in the winter? What if you added pastured poultry?"

All questions that could take us over the top. For us, a small time gig, it is a matter of what can best compliment the enterprises we already have. We don't farm full time and I see it a long way off, if ever. But, we do earn extra, supplementary income from our homestead. Thinking out side the box can effect even the smallest of the small, in my opinion.

So, how about your small farm or homestead?

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