Saturday, May 2, 2009

Joel Salatin Gets National Press!

As you know, the cenerpiece of our small homestead is pastured poultry. Joel Salatin is the man responsible for starting us on that path, as he did for many others. His model is recreated time and again as more people are looking for alternatives to the commodity markets. I have met Mr. Salatin and attended a few lectures he gave and I must admit, he is my hero. So, anytime I see news from Poly Face Farm in Swoope Virginia, I have to read it. Most of the time I share it here. He also writes a semi regular column for the Stockman GrassFarmer. You can visit that publication by using the link found at the right, just keep scrolling until you find "favorite websites".

I was pleased to see Mr. Salatin getting some national press, which, in reality, is national press for "food fit to eat" and alternatives to dangerous, mass produced food. I found this little article, written by Alan Nation, on Mr. Nation's blog. You can visit his blog by, again, clicking the link to the Stockman GrassFarmer.

Salatin Featured On ABC News

Wednesday, 29 April 2009
Joel Salatin and his Virginia-based pastured pig operation were featured on last night’s Nightline news show on ABC television. His operation which features the rotational grazing of pigs in both pasture and forest was offered as a counterpoint to the industrial pork operation in Mexico that was apparently ground zero for the current outbreak of Swine Flu. The show said that industrial scale confinement pork operations were the "perfect petri dish" for the development of new human flu strains. Salatin also produces several hundred head of grassfed beeves a year and thousands of pastured chickens - both broilers and layers.

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