Monday, May 4, 2009

Pastured Poultry, Our Centerpiece

I have observed a thing or two through our journey to the best tastin' chicken in Ozark County, Missouri. One of them is that the chicks seem to do best, growth and health wise, when they hit pasture after two weeks in the brooder. These photos are from the last bunch that actually sat in the brooder closer to three and a half weeks. They are not growing as fast and they don't seem to be as lively as the first group that had made it to pasture in two weeks.

This is the centerpiece to our homestead. You take this....
plus this....
and it equals this. I am still amazed at the effect the birds, in mob density fashion, have on the health of the grass.
I just had to throw these cute little critters in for fun. You can't even see the black ones, but they are there, along with momma.

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