Friday, July 31, 2009

A Few More Pictures of Our Oklahoma Trip

We took a day trip to the city of Sapulpa, Oklahoma. The main street in the down town area is part of the historic "Route 66". A very quaint and pleasant town. We visited the local historical society's museum, just off the square. In it, we learned some neat history of the area and how the town got it's name. Sapulpa was an Indian who became a respected business man and farmer. Although the people called him "chief Sapulpa" he was never really a chief. Look him up sometime on google, his is a fascinating story.

These photos are some of the things to see on the main street. We took some shots of the old time bill boards that were painted on the side of the buildings, "back in the day". Many of them had been restored to their former splendor.

It almost takes you back in time, doesn't it? We get a kick out history, right down to seemingly insignificant things like signs.

"Phone 804", isn't that something? What a neat town. We recomend Sapulpa as one of your stops if you plan on heading out to Oklahoma.

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