Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Are Chemical Fertilizers Harmless?

I received this in an email from my Fertrell supplier. The gentleman that wrote the letter is someone whom I've never met, but, he gives some very compelling statistics. I will spare you the body of the letter and just provide you the statistics as they should cause pause for thought, if nothing else. The background is that he and his wife were leaving the hospital after the birth of their second daughter. He noticed the nice, manicured lawn that surrounded the hospital that was completely devoid of all weeds and unwanted grass. Surely it had been doused with weed and feed. A strange time to think about chemical fertilizers, perhaps, but some things struck him and he began to ponder the future for his two daughters. Here is an excerpt from his letter.

"Did you know that a recent study found traces of 287 different industrial chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of 10 random babies? Did you now that pediatricians are reaching near unanimity in their conclusion that these environmental exposures are the root cause of increases in childhood diseases ranging from autism to ADHD and leukemia? Did you know that lawn chemicals, in particular, are outrageously dangerous for developing minds and bodies?So many toxic exposures cannot be controlled in this crazy world. Some that can, though, include lawn and garden chemicals. Two states, Connecticut and Illinois, have taken a look at the evidence and passed laws to eliminate lawn pesticides from schools and daycare centers. In Canada, courts have evoked the Precautionary Principle -- otherwise known as better safe than sorry -- as rationale for allowing lawn pesticide bans to sweep nationwide."

Do yourself a favor, visit the fine folks at Fertrell and give a second thought to using chemical fertilizer on your lawn or garden, or, even your pasture.

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