Friday, August 21, 2009

Be Careful Where You Keep Your Cow

A farmer kept a prize cow in a pasture through which a railroad track ran. Each day, at the same time, a freight train barreled by. One day after the train had gone, the farmer discovered his cow was missing. He promptly sued the railroad.

The railroad hired a young lawyer, and just before the case came to trial, the attorney bargained with the farmer, getting him to settle for half of what he had demanded. Proud of his achievement, the lawyer boasted as he handed over the check to the farmer, "You really had me worried. I didn't have any witnesses. The engineer was asleep and so was the brakeman. You could have won the whole amount."

"Well, young fella," the farmer said as he pocketed the check, "you had me worried too. You see that dumb cow came home this morning."

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