Sunday, August 30, 2009

How Was Your Day?

I am sitting in the office on a August day with the temperature sitting at 76. I have the window open and am enjoying a wonderful breeze brushing against my skin, what a feeling. To add to this serenity, with the window open, I can here the beautiful sound of happy chickens, the sound of singing birds and the rustling of leaves. Folks, it doesn't get much better on a Sunday afternoon.

I was thinking of the day I had yesterday. I got up early to load the van for the market and, after breakfast, sent my lovely wife off to sell some stuff. I took advantage of the cooler weather and seized the opportunity to try out my recently fixed chainsaw. She purrs like a kitten now. So, naturally, I had to really put it to the test and cut some trees. The weather was so nice that I got some nice fire wood cut and some cedar fence posts cut by noon. At that time the temp was climbing and I could feel the saw getting quite warm, myself as well.

But I got some wood cut. I think my wife was beginning to get rather nervous about our supply (we have none), so I proudly displayed the newly created pile to her upon her arrival home. I was so proud of it, but we know what God does to our pride, don't we? She took a glance and said "that's nice dear" and went on about her business. I was shattered.

We have a couple of round bales of old hay, or straw, coming to use for mulch. We are excited about this as we struggle to find enough to mulch with. This I leave to my dear wife, she knows her stuff about that. I have settled into the "manual labor" role when it comes to the garden.

All in all I had a good day yesterday. The weather was perfect. I just am a bit apprehensive about winter. I am praying that this cooler, summer weather doesn't transfer into winter. You know, skip fall and right into ice and snow. But< I can't live for then, I have to live for now and take the Lord's blessing in the nice weather while I can.

I hope you're enjoying some nice weather, wherever you are. Keep growing the grass. Thanks for stopping by.

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