Friday, August 28, 2009


I was reading an article about modern day cattle ranches and their drift back to the days of yesteryear. OK, I skimmed it. Alright, alright, I just read the captions under the pictures.

None the less, the gist of the article was how modern day ranches are going back to the horse drawn chuckwagon as a means of cutting expenses. I can't say that I relate to using a chuckwagon to feed my cowboys. I don't have any cowboys to worry about and, frankly, every part of my homestead is within easy walking distance.

I suppose I could make believe that I, and my cowboys (my wife and daughters) were out on the open range. We could pitch a tent in the pasture, build a fire, sing songs and eat beans, (followed by plenty of Beano). I could play the harmonica to the melody of the singing coyotes in the distance.

Somehow, though, the romance of it all would be lost the first time one of the cowboys(girls) had to use the restroom, a walk to the house and back before I finished the first verse of "Home On The Range".

Truthfully, this whole thing got mee thinking about money saving ideas for the homestead. Like using oak leaves for toilet paper. I doubt that would fly in a household of women. Us rugged men types would have no trouble (ahem...).

Speaking of flies, here is another tip. Just let them be. The house flies, I mean. What kind of farm would it be if we didn't have a bunch of flies zooming around. No money spent there.

And who needs a disk plow? Just get yourself a herd of armadillos. They can turn dirt like nobody's business.

You don't need pesticides. Chickens are bug killin' machines. If you have a problem with rodents, don't call the Orkin man, just do like we do, employ an army of cats. They are quite remarkable hunters. They are so efficient, in fact, it is almost as if they never leave their favorite napping place on the front porch.

You can own your own fertilizer company, all natural, just buy some rabbit. They make good fertilizer and meat too.

I hope this helps. Let me know what you might add to this, I'd love to hear it. Thanks for stopping by.

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