Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Last Of The Oklahoma Vacation Pics

These pictures were taken at the Cherokee Nation History Museum. The women you see in this picture are live and they are part of the walking tour through a Cherokee village. THere is also a nice, air conditioned history museum adjacent to the village. It was nice to see how the Cherokee's lived in the 1500's.
The first picture (with the women in it) shows a summer home. This is a picture of a winter home. All families had one of each, fairly close together, used in the mentioned seasons.

These are the pillars that are left from the all Cherokee girl monestary/school that burned in the late 1800's. The fromer sight of the monestary is where the museum now stands.
That is all of the pictures of our trip to Oklahoma that I will bore you with. Trust me when I say that we had an outstanding time and there are many things to see, just in the Tulsa area. There are still many things we didn't get to see, and a couple we would like to see again, when we can actually arrive more than two hours before they close. So, if you're thinking of taking an inexpensive trip to Oklahoma, go for it. It is well worth the drive.

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