Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gun Rights Rally

The Patriots for the Constitution (formerly Salem Tea Party) will be hosting a Gun Rights Rally in Salem on September 21, at 6 PM, at the Indian Trails Archery & Gun building on Hwy 19 N, located 4/10 of a mile from junction 68-19, a white metal building on the left.We will be hearing Bob Parker speaking on Gun Rights as well as his reasons for running for US Congress in Missouri's District 8. Other speakers will be scheduled.If you would like to stand up and use the open mike at 7:30, please email Jan Abney at momofemmett@gmail, or call 729-9220. We would like to hear your views or serious solutions to keeping our guns to protect our homes and family, as well as to be able to hunt for food.


Adkins Family farm said...

If they ever did try to ban guns; it wouldn't stop the criminals from getting them and there we would be defenseless and at their mercy. I don't think so!!!! If someone's trying to break in my house or harm my family then they're gonna get my gun up close and personal.

Scott or Pam said...

Amen, brother.