Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Remember When

I was watching my girls doing their afternoon chores and I was reminded of the beauty of youth. Sometimes, I like to act like a kid, but those times are getting further between.

Do you remember this? I'll race ya to the tree! Then the leader begins the race with a common phrase that has transcended generations, Onyurmarkgessetgo! usually uttered so fast that, inevitably, someone gets left in the dust, in tears, and it is never the leader.

Then, to be fair, they pick a third party to utter the start. This person always has to be a wiseguy, On your mark, (pause) get SET, (bigger pause) STOP! (Now laughing hysterically.) This person will do this several times to see who will jump the line. It is comical to watch from the outside, but never when you are actually involved.

Sometimes they have to throw in, One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and four to STOP! HA HA HA!

It is fun to watch children play. You find out that things are not all that different from when we were kids. Just watch them sometime, and, if you can, join them. You might pay for it a few days but it will be worth it.

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