Monday, September 7, 2009

Making Preps For The Winter

In the grocery business, I get paid holidays but I usually have to take them in half day increments. In other words, if the store is open, I have to be there, at least part of the day. Today, Labor Day, was no different. I worked half a day then came home and worked twice as hard trying to take advantage of the time on the homestead.

I am in the process of cutting firewood. It is very sad to say that we had none, until now. Actually, I am finding a hidden blessing from last year's ice storm. There is a bunch of wood on the ground, already aged. We would like to stay warm in the cold months, so this has become a priority. Especially since my daughter and I just witnessed a huge flock of geese migrating. I have a feeling that may be an omen (I don't really believe in omens, per Se, but I do believe that God gives signs), their migration is about a month early for our part of the country. MORE WOOD!

What are you doing to prepare, for anything, on your homestead? I want to know, leave a comment, or two, or three, or.....


Adkins Family farm said...

I've been cutting more wood than usual and stocking up on food. I'm doing some weather-proofing on the house. I'm going to cut enough wood to last about three winters. I've been really busy. Not to change the subject, but how do you stay on schedule when you homeschool. How do you make time for your kids to socialize. I'd appreciate any information.

Scott or Pam said...

THREE WINTER'S WORTH! I am sooooo envious! You da man!