Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Too Many Things To Do

I think it is official. I will have a few more days of pasture and then it is time for hay. I hate to think of it, really. On the up side of it, we have gotten into the second week of October before going to hay. We have experienced a month's improvement each year for the last three years, so I am pleased with that. Each year I seem to get a little further into the fall before feeding hay which indicates, I believe, that I am on the right path.

Now I am also happy that I have some firewood put up, enough for a couple of months. However, if the weather continues the current trend, we will be burning sooner than usual. In other words, I need lots more wood. Why is there never enough time?

I need fire wood.
I need to build more rabbit cages.
I need to build shelves for my wife.
I need to spend time with my kids.
I need fire wood.
I need to build fence.
I need to go to meetings at church.
I need fire wood.
I need to build a roof over the front porch.
I need to replace planks in our wooden sidewalk.
And the list goes on. Oh, did I mention that I need fire wood?

Sometimes I catch myself just staring off into space, dazed and confused, unable to decide what to start on next. Do you ever get that way, or am I the only one?

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kjvbaptist said...

know exactly how you feel...and then feel guilty for staring off into space....mean cycle that is