Monday, November 9, 2009

Educating For Future Grassfed Customers

The Stockman Grassfarmer is offering a new brochure for the nations grassfarmers. This sounds like a great way to help educate people on the benefits of eating healthy, grass fed meat. Be it beef, lamb, pork, goat or chicken, it is a good idea to share the knowledge. The Grassfarmer is offering these for sal at 12 copies for $15.00-24 for $28.00-36 for $40.00. The price includes shipping and handling fees.

It is an 8 page pamphlet that is full of fact about the health benefits of eating real food fit to eat. Check it out because an informed customer makes a repeat customer. I am going to give this some thought for ourselves, as well. We are working up a plan to produce more grass fed meat, as we speak. Stay tuned.

If you would like to order, call the Stockman Grassfarmer at: 1-800-748-9808

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