Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Biggie, On The Way

The picture in the title of this humble blog is from last year's nasty, bad, wicked, terrible, humbling and just plain stinky ice storm.  The date of the ice storm of the century was January 26, 2009.

Here we are, a year and two days later.  January 28, 2010, and we are staring the impending doom strait in the eye.  No, I am not refering to Obama's lie-I mean- speach from last night.  Nor the economic colapse that we have not come out of.

Nope, we have another doozy coming in tonight.  The forecasts started out with an ice storm, mixed with sleet and snow.  Total accumulations were around the one foot mark (Ugh!).  Thankfully, as the temps continue to drop, they have changed the forecast to sleet and snow.  They aslo decreased the amount to 5-8 inches.

The doom isn't as doomy as it had been, but doomy enough.  You have to live in the Ozarks to understand, fully, what this kind of thing does to travel.  Just getting to work can be a big deal.  Thus, I might get to take the day off (yippeeee!).

I am thankful to a mighty God for His provision.  We are well prepared and can weather a sizeable storm.  The kids will have fun.  I can't believe their audacity-actually looking fiorawrd to the snow.  What's up with that?

I am also thankful that our animals are also in good shape for storms.  We don't have hundreds of acres to bring them in from.  We farm on five, so it's not like I have to go far to get them.

The only trouble is the chickens.  They don't set foot in the snow, the crazy things.  Maybe they know something I don't.  After the fall moult and the short days of winter, they quit laying eggs.  Just yesterday, we started getting eggs again.  This will set them into anti-lay mode again.  Oh well, we will enjoy the few we got the last two days.

I don't expect much in the way of disaster with this one, but we are prepared.  The big things will be water for the animals and food for us, but that is well planned for.

So, I guess we can just sit back and watch it snow.  I will try to go to work tomorrow, but, if I can't make it, I'll play in the snow with the kids.

Oh, to be in Hawaii.......

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