Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our Cool Metal Detector Find

These are pictures of our cool metal detector find.  Acually, my oldest daughter found it.  We think it is neat, though.  It is cast iron and has the words "Made in America", "Oliver 19 DS".  If anyone knows anything about this plow blade, please let us know.  Our internet searches have turned up empty, thus far.  Thanks for any help.


Jeanna said...

I am by no means sure but I would say that is a part either from an oliver tractor or maybe a plow or other impliment that goes with it. Again that is just what I believe it is.

Scott or Pam said...

Right on. I have a friend that is good with this stuff and I was, finally, able to show it to him. We knew it to be a plow blade, but were wondering if it were horse-drawn or from an implement. Turns out it's horse-drawn. His grandaddy used one much like it. Thanks for your comment! Glad you could visit.