Thursday, February 4, 2010

Garlic As A Healing Herb

I thought I knew a lot about garlic, but, after doing a bit of research, I found that I knew very little.  We grow our own here, and enjoy the herb in many of our foods.  The smell of the kitchen when garlic is cooking is fantastic.  And the taste is heavenly.  I love the spice of it, and truly enjoy eating it.

We also enjoy the health benefits of it.  I learned a long time ago that garlic is a proficient healer, and take it, fresh, when I feel like I am coming down with something.  The herb has proven, more than once, that it does heal.

Like I said, I did some research on garlic for an article I was writting on hub pages, and I came across some interesting facts about this fascinating herb that I thought I'd share with you.

First of all,  what are the actions of garlic?  Garlic is an antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic and antiparasitic-to name a few.

What is garlic active against?  Again, to name a few, Tuberculosis, staph, E-coli, herpes and the flu.

In my opinion, garlic is our first line of defense.  Are you worried about swine flu?  Take some garlic, everyday.

A couple of posts ago, I wrote a few tips on being prepared.  I was speaking of natural disasters, but, we all know that there are any number of things that can bring about disaster, ranging from the natural to the political.  In any case, it is prudent to also consider what you would do if medical service was unavailable.  So, in you prerarations, make sure you have a supply of garlic.  Look for a good sale and take full advantage of it.  Better yet, add that as a staple to oyur garden.  It is incredibly simple to grow.

To learn more on this amazing herb, use the article link above and begind some research on your own.  Thanks for stopping by.

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