Monday, February 1, 2010

Tender Grassfed Meat-A Book Review

Tender Grassfed Meat is a gift that I received from my wonderful brother-in-law for Christmas.  Written by Stanlet A. Fishman, it is not only a cook book that helps convert age old methods and recipes to your modern kitchen, it is a font of knowledge.  It gives an excellent testimony to the health benefits of eating grass fed meat and a bit of history, as well.

The back cover reads. "Grassfed meat is leaner, denser, less watery and far more flavorful than other meat.  It must be cooked differently.  All the recipes in this book have been specially created and designed for grassfed meat, using only the best natural ingredients.  The step by step recipes are detailed and easy to use."  I must concur, this is a great book to have around.

The author ruined the first grassfed meat he ever cooked.  From then on, he used his research skills to learn how to cook grassfed meat properly.  You owe it to yourself, if you prefer grassfed, to add this book to your cook book library.

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