Monday, March 1, 2010

The Giant Killer-A Must Read

With all the things I have to do around the homested, I still find myself at a loss for things to post.  It doesn't seem this slow around here, but it really is.  There is not that much happening.  I am busied with catch up things.  Things like building book shelves or readying the garden.  Planning for the upcoming season is heavy on my mind, right now.  We also have our new family hobby of metal detecting taking some time.  However, all this will change as we move closer to spring.  We will be ordering chicks soon, building fence and planting the garden.  Then come butchering and preserving and all the other chores that come with summer.

Until the flood gates burst, I felt I had to tell you about a great little book I just finished reading to the girls.  It is called The Giant Killer and is a story of two young boys, sent to the home of a preacher to find some discipline.  The young mother reads to them about several giants we all face in our lives.  The tales are told in allegorical form and instruct us on how to face and kill each giant using the sword of Truth.  This is a very powerful book and should be a must read in all Christian homes with young children.  I say young children because it is when we are young that the battles are easiest.  As we age, the giants are more entrenched in our wills and harder to defeat.  It is of the utmost importance to train and teach our young people to face thier giants while young.  You will enjoy this book, I promise.

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