Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How Much Ammo Is Enough?

There will be many view points on this topic.  As many as there are stars, I'm sure.  One can never be prepared too much, I believe.  On our homested, we have the means to provide food and shelter.  But I have also taken into consideration the safety, or, defense, of our homested.

Part of that has to do with ammunition.  If you have guns (you should as they are a sure defense against tyranical government), you will want ample ammo when you need it.

A wise thing might be to have guns in a common caliber so ammo is easy to "find".  If not, and you're like me, you have guns in not-so-common- calbers.  In this case, you want lots.

For a long gun, my suggestion is at least 1000 rounds.  Be sure to keep it safe from predators and thieves.  You can have some for "plinking" and hunting, as well.

For a pistol we keep a minimum of 500 rounds.  These are great for self defense and in close quarters.  Yeah, I've heard that you should keep a shotgun in thhouse for intruders, but, heck. I just don't want to replace the walls.  Pistols are good for carrying around the homestead and can be utilized very quickly and effectively.

Do keep a shotgun.  For mine I have 250 rounds.  I just don't see using it that much, but, should the need arise, I have it.  In close quarters, they can be very unstoppable.

How much is enough?  I don't know, but I do feel safer with these numbers I have suggested.  I am working on the long gun ammo, but if you reload, this is a bonus.  I have a friend that has even learned to mold his own bullets with lead from the tire shops.  This make for very cheap ammo.  It takes time, though, so consider that.

Any other suggestions are welcome, thanks for stopping by.

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kjvbaptist said...

Yes, an ar-15 with a good scope. Great long and short range weapon. Uses the easy to get .223 round.