Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Night Date With My Girls

For some time now, my two precious, radiant, little girls and I have spent time together on Thursday nights.  I, as the daddy, started this one day as I noticed that my girls were missing me.  The signs are pretty evident.  They develope an attitude and begin to doubt your authority and the like.  They just seem to act up in, according to the world, insignificant ways.  This is almost always an indication of daddy, not mommy, losing the hearts of his children.  The thought of that causes me pain, so I came up with the idea of devoting time to just them, at least once per week.

We do things of their choosing, most of the time.  Usually play a game, lately, watching short movies.  Sometimes daddy falls asleep, and I am amazed at how forgiving they are.  They are just happy to have their daddy, all to themselves.

Tonight, Abbie (9), wanted to read from the Psalms.  So we sat down with bibles in hand and read from God's word, together.  Both girls read to me, and I am blessed to have spent time with them.  God has blessed me with the salvation of them and a desire to learn more about Him.  I am blessed because of the strings of fellowship that we tied together.

The hardest thing about this was keeping from expounding on what we read.  I had to control the urge as their minds are not ready for my "deep explanations".  The important thing is that there is power in God's word and simply reading it has benefits.  I do believe that I enjoyed this evening more than all the others.

Father, thank you for making me a wealthy man.  Thank you for giving me the hearts of my children.

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