Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Preparedness On A Budget-Ammo

I thought that I would offer a few good web sites that offer the ammo I mentioned in earlier posts.  I, personally, like to shop on-line for various reasons.  Mostly because I don't like the big city that much.  I don't mind crouds, I just don't like the traffic.  Anyway, there are a couple of great places to get the ammo you need, for whatever weapon you have.  Some, like the 9x18 are a little harder to find than at your local gun shop.  This does not mean that this caliber is rare, it just means that your particular shop doesn't see the need to carry it.  The following two places, almost, always have 9x18 in quantities that will allow you to stock up.


You can also find it, although more expensive, at http://www.cabellas.com/, or, http://www.sportsmansguide.com/ even http://www.basspro.com/ offers most of the ammo you need.
But, I really like cheaper than dirt and ammo man.  Their prices are very fair.

The 7.62x39 can be found almost anywhere.  I have even seen it at a Wal-Mart once or twice.  Again, the big retailers and gun shops tend to carry the high end, name brand ammo.  Brown Bear or Wolf is cheaper and fires every time.

A great place to hang out and ask questions is http://www.gunbroker.com/ this is an auction site that deals only in fire arms and accessories and gear.  But, you can visit their forum and gleen all kinds of good info from people smarter than me about guns.  You might even find a good deal on ammo at the auctions.

Some others are: http://www.alamoammo.com/, http://www.ebang.com/ , http://www.shooting-hunting.com/

Have fun shopping.

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