Friday, September 3, 2010

Colonial Barrel Seeder

"Rid a little after Sun rise to Muddy (hole), to try my drill plow again which, with the alteration of the harrow yesterday, I find will fully answer my expectations, and that it drops the grains thicker, or thinner in proportion to the quantity of seed in the Barrel. The less there is in it the faster it issues from the holes. The weight of a quantity in the barrel, occasions (I presume) a pressure on the Seed through them, whereas a small quantity (sufficient to all times to cover the bottom of the barrel) is, in a manner sifted through them by the revolution of the Barrel. "

George Washington

(Diary entry, April 8, 1786)

I was looking at more colonial farming tools and came across a barrel seeder.  As you can see, George Washington used one on his farm, but I am having difficulty finding more information on these.  Can you folks help me with this?  If you know what, exactly, these are, let me know by leaving a comment.  Thanks for your help.  You may be helping future homesteaders.

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