Monday, June 20, 2011

Small Town With BIG Dreams

Just a few miles to the north of us we are taking care of the homestead of a friend of ours that has gone out of town fo a week.  To get to their place, we have to drive through a little blurb of a town, it's one of those towns that if you blink you'll miss it.  I will spare the name of this town to protect the innocent, but my wife and I have discovered something about this little town that may be a shock to some, something that would not be expected.

You have to understand that this place has as many buildings as I have fingers on one hand.  I would estimate that 99% of them are residential, farms and one HUGE junk yard-right next to the road.  It is not a ghost town, but it is awfully close.  It once was home to a post office, many years ago-like say the 1400's or something.  But other than a few homes, there is nothing there.

But here is the part that we discovered; the highway (if you can call it that, it is paved after all), has been adopted. 

That's not so strange or unusual, you say?  True, it is not.  Adopt a highway programs have become quite popular in recent years and are a very good thing.  These programs and the volunteers go to great lengths to help keep the road ways free of trash and debris, for that they are to be commended.  No, that is not the interesting discovery.  What is interesting is the organization that adopted this particular stretch of highway.  It was adopted by the teeny, tiny, miniscule, little town's CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.  If you do not find this in the least bit humorous, I refer you to the brief description of the teeny, tiny, little town above.  They have a Chamber of Commerce!

We chuckled at the sign that stated, "This road has been adopted by the (blank) Chamber of Commerce" and asked just what "commerce" actually takes place in this teeny, tiny, little town with NO businesses?  Obviously, the few people (say no more than 20) that live there are VERY optomistic.  God bless them, I hope they reach their goal.  Surely they are trying to attract businesses to the area, or something.  However, there is nothing around for many miles.  I am not even sure that the Chamber has a chamber, if you know what I mean.


Gorges Smythe said...

In my state, little wide spots in the road used to have a sign stating the name of the place, followed by the word "unincorporated," meaning that it wasn't officially a town. On one such sign, some comedian had carefully painted the word "forever."

Scott or Pam said...

That is funny.