Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cheap Hay Has Gone The Way Of Cheap Gas

As I sit here at the computer at 5:45 am, I am a bit bored.  I got up at 4 am to help unload a truckload of hay that is being brought in.  I haven't gotten the call yet, so here I am.  I am thinking on the drought and how hard it is on us small timers.  This hay we are getting is from Kentucky-I think, and $90 per bale. Yes you saw that right, $90.  Just this past spring I could buy a bale (4x5) for $45 and the price is going up weekly.  Personally, I think there is a bit of gouging going on, but we have to have it.  Yet, I can't keep buying hay at that price.  I have sold one animal, that will help a bit.  The folks that bought her are coming today to pick her up.  I'm kind of excited about that as I partially bartered our heiffer for a .308 long gun.  I am undecided if I will keep the gun or sell it.  With the price of hay, I may need to sell it.

What is the price of hay in your area?

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Carolyn Renee said...

$80 - $90 for the large rounds, and it's not even of a great quality. At ninety bucks, I'd want perfect bermuda and clover, not this "stuff". Hopefully we're covered with hay this year. I've actually been thinking about feeding the goats pelleted alfalfa. It's almost 25 bucks for a 50# bag, but there's absolutely no waste like the hay and it's much higher in protein which means I can cut back on the grain (which, btw, went up a buck a bag when I went to the feed store two days ago....and going to keep going up). At least the mule / mini clean up the hay, these goats drive me INSANE with what hay they waste.

Two, or was it three years ago there started a selling off of horses in the paper, many for free. I wonder when that's going to start again. Good time to get some cheap livestock....except not a good time to feed them.