Sunday, August 5, 2012

More Nasty Weather

Last night we were hit with rounds 2, 3, 4 and 5-all in one night.  There was a batch of nasty storms that came over us one right after the other, until after midnight.  The first three were just like the one that ook the roof off the barn last wednesday.  Thankfully the wind was from another direction and left the barn as it is.  I am very thankful for that as we had just replaced the roof that morning.  We did loose the roof from the chicken coop.  It is small and is an easy fix and we don't have any birds in there right now anyway.  This morning we found yet another tree across the driveway and had to stay home from church.  We got that cleared and are thankful for a break.  We zoned out the rest of the day, after having a devotion here at the house.  Lack of sleep from Saturday night and the hard work putting things back to right got to us-we were pooped.  I can stand not having any major storms for a while.

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Carolyn Renee said...

When it rains, it sure does pour, hugh? We got some much needed rain, but not the storms you guys got. Glad it wasn't "too" bad.