Sunday, March 10, 2013

Big Cedar Lodge Getaway

We had a great time at Big Cedar Lodge near Branson these past few days.  There is a lot to do at the resort itself during the summer months.  Given that we were there during the off season, there wasn't quite as much to do because it is all set outside.  Although we still found plenty to do.  We went for a hike on their hiking trails (which about killed us!), played mini golf, took out a paddle boat on Table Rock lake, went swimming in the indoor pool, sat in the outdoor hot tub, and played bingo-all in one day.  This 43 year old body was worn out-and I was an athlete for a good part of my life!

I found out later that my wife, the one with the camera, didn't get many pictures taken, so I will post one or two when she uploads them.

The other days we spent in Branson at the the great thrift stores they have there-and there are plenty.  We shopped a little at the Landing, if you can call it that with no money to blow.  I did pick up a box of ammo from Bass Pro there.  We found a cool, tiny stamp shop for our daughter who collects stamps.  She bought a few and was tickled to add to her collection.  And we went to the Titanic Museum which is fascinating.  I don't know why it fascinates us so much all these years after the fact, but it does.

All in all it was a good "mini" vacation.  Where have you gone for a few days and had a blast?  Tell me about it.

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