Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Nine Lives Of NAIS

Just when we thought we had this thing cornered, it pops up with a vengence. The NAIs bill is still alive and well, I found out this weekend. Apparently, congress shelved the idea, saying that too much money was spent with little result, only to tell the USDuh that they would not fund it UNLESS they came up with a MANDATORY plan. To make a long story short, the mandatory bill has passed the house, with little, if any, press or fanfair (surprise!) through the back door. This deal is now moving on to the senate. Folks, our ability to raise our own food and provide for our families is in serious jeopardy here. I urge you to look into HR 2749, which is passed, and beat on the doors of your senator's homes and tell them to knock it off! We don't want, we don't need it and it will be a nightmare to enforce! HR 2749-look it up, please.

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